Legacy Strategy:
The Long Term View


We work with you to put into place a legacy strategy for your family and help you identify what you want to accomplish with the wealth you’ve created and what how it will impact generations to come. We help you map and plan for transitions in the family’s wealth enterprise and create family governance structures.

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Transaction Support:
Day-to-Day Management


We help clients manage their assets and if necessary, identify and implement new products or services through specialized providers. We can help you select and work with lawyers (locally and internationally), trustees, advisors, asset managers, accountants, tax specialists, wealth managers, private bankers, and real estate brokers.

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Transition Support:
Education and Coaching


Our goal is to assure you and your family members feel in control, educated and empowered in the transition and succession of wealth from one generation to the next. This is accomplished through a process of strategic communication coaching and advising, specifically with respect to navigating family governance.

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Helping You Leave a Legacy for Future Generations

Private wealth is the legacy you leave future generations, and is something to be respected and protected. Your private capital fuels society, helps build businesses, and furthers the causes you support. Our trusted advisors help families engage with their wealth in a meaningful way that transcends time, and secures future generations.

We help you identify your family’s highest goals, and make sure all family members are aligned with that vision. Our advisors work with you to make sure your assets are managed in line with such vision, helping you in the day to day management of your assets and obtaining the products and services you need through the work of trusted third parties such as lawyers, financial and accounting specialists. Because you’ve placed your trust in us, we make sure those individuals will steward your goals with purpose and integrity.We help you lay the foundation now to secure the generations to come.

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