Our services are designed to help you manage your family’s assets, plan your future and protect your family’s legacy.


Legacy Strategy: The Long Term View

We work with you to put into place a legacy strategy for your family and help you identify what you want to accomplish with the wealth you’ve created and what how it will impact generations to come. We help you map and plan for transitions in the family’s wealth enterprise and create family governance structures.

This type of legacy planning often involves developing a family mission statement with clearly articulated goals. Our trusted advisors work with you so your family history and legacy is true to your vision. We look at family protocol (either to create it or to update it), the multi-generational aspect of your family, wealth and business cycles, and the financial decisions that must be addressed in the years and decades to come. We also conduct thorough wealth mapping process. This includes reviewing your family’s mission and goals, balance sheets, cash flow, structures, and ownerships.

Transition Support: Education and Coaching

Our goal is to assure you and your family members feel in control, educated and empowered in the transition and succession of wealth from one generation to the next. This is accomplished through a process of strategic communication coaching and advising, specifically with respect to navigating family governance. We empower the next generation to steward their family’s wealth in the manner in which it was intended, but also making sure their dreams and aspirations are recognized.

Our trusted advisors work with family members during life transitions to assure they understand the implications and impact of the responsibility they are assuming. We approach transition support as an organic structure that is adapted as families faces changes and challenges. We accomplish this through different techniques, which can be applied in one-on-one sessions, family meetings and family retreats.


Transactional Support: Day-to-Day Management

We help clients manage their assets and if necessary, identify and implement new products or services through specialized providers. We can help you select and work with lawyers (locally and internationally), trustees, advisors, asset managers, accountants, tax specialists, wealth managers, private bankers, and real estate brokers.

We also offer the following services to support your family’s wealth management and transactional needs:

  • Asset and company management as well as operations support (domestic and international)
  • Book and record keeping
  • Monitoring and providing quality assurance of products and structures by taking care of your relationship with third party services providers (such as trustees and company managers)
  • Establishing and participating in boards of directors
  • Creating property inventory and ledger of title records (with annual update)
  • Coordinating pre-migratory structures/strategies
  • Reviewing and coordinating strategies that ensure beneficiaries receive their inheritance in optimum conditions
  • Reviewing trust and wills in different jurisdictions making sure legal alignment is well accomplished
  • Elaborating and reviewing complex Letters of Wishes
  • Guidance on the managing, acquiring and selling of assets (including real estate property, yachts, planes, art, etc.)
  • Creating and managing family balance statements
  • Business succession and continuity management
  • Sale of family business
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Exit and retirement strategies for patriarchs
  • Strategies for extended family members (income and business participation)
  • Donations, charities and philanthropy
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